Help me to create new Catholic music! Become a member of my support team by giving a small monthly tithe each month toward my work as a Catholic artist. Once you join the support team, you will receive an email each month in which I share with you what I have been working on.

If you do $3 or $5 a month, you will receive digital downloads of all of my past and future albums.

If you do $8 a month or more, you will receive digital downloads and physical CD’s (unless you state otherwise) of all of my past and future albums.

I have chosen DonorBox as my platform for supporting myself as a musician. Popular platforms like Patreon now take an 8% commission off of each donation (5% for creators who signed up before 2019). DonorBox only takes 1.5% (and never more) if I reach over $1,000 in a month. Praise the Lord!

If you are able, doing an ACH payment (Bank Transfer) instead of Credit Card or PayPal is the best way to give. It will reduce the processing fee from around 2.5% to just .8% of the payment each month. The bank transfer is very secure because it is encrypted and DonorBox never receives any of your bank info. Be assured that all methods are secure and safe to use!

God bless you!