Flourishing in February?

Greetings! Winter is still going strong up here in the north woods. I hope you have all been well. 

Up here we have found a new family hobby. Snowboarding. Mostly through facebook marketplace, I was able to find some great deals on boots, snowboards, and helmets for our three oldest kids. Frederic, our four month old, is just training by watching right now. 

I am more traditionally a skier, but I am planning to get more into snowboarding. It was a joy to ride the chairlift with my oldest son, Blaise. The beauty of the blue sky and snow covered pine trees as we climbed the small mountain (or big hill) of the Ski Brule chair lift was a good moment to share with my son. Kids 0-9 ski/snowboard for free. That’s a huge bonus for our family. The ski resort is only a 15 minute drive from our home!

My new song that I have to share with you is called “Flourish”. It is a unique style, kind of lofi. 

Over the past few years, the events taking place in the world have been troubling to me. This song was my way of trying to speak the truth with love.

This winter, alongside snowboarding, I have got some exercise doing some cross country skiing. Below you will find a pretty silly video of me showcasing my limited skills.   

The random saint of the month is St. Brigid of Sweden. Her feast day is July 23rd. She was married for 28 years and had 8 children, one of which is a canonized saint. Following her husbands death, she become a nun and started a religious order. May she pray for us and help us to grow closer to Jesus. She also had mystical experiences with Jesus. I really love the 15 prayers of St. Bridget that focus on the Passion of Christ. I encourage you to consider praying them!

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