Getting Settled in the Cabin

We have been busy finalizing our move and getting things set up for our new home in the woods. I am currently sitting at a coffee shop in Iron River, MI trying to figure out what to say in this blog post. It is a nice coffee shop and has fast internet, as our home right now has none. 

An update from last month… The weather has been much more mild and the bugs have been a lot better! We have only seen about 1-2 ticks, mosquitos are only really out at night, flies have not been biting, and the gnats have calmed down. Praise the Lord! 

I decided to combine my music with simple footage of us working at the cabin. We were blessed to have Calena’s dad Clete and his wife Barb to help us take care of the land, drive a sand point well and do other miscellaneous tasks. 

In the video above, you will see us clearing out some of the land. Well, we now plan to do much more. While getting our septic tank put in yesterday (Yes Plumbing is coming!), I got a chance to talk to the excavating guy about our yard in front of our porch. 

Calena and I have always wanted to own a home in nature. We have prayed to have a field, fire, garden and stars (the ability to see them clear at night). Right now our cabin has all of that except for the field. But we are really close. 

The excavating guy for a small fee is going to come back to our place and knock down the trees to clear a good size field that can be used for our family and guests to run around, play competitive sports, and to just open up the view around our house. We will still have a ton of trees on our land. And the field will be surrounded by trees, including a giant white pine! We recently had been starting to cut down trees with axes and chainsaws but now we will get all the trees out in one swoop with the stumps as well! He will put them in a big pile for us to burn on a rainy day or in the winter. 

Our point well is a great blessing to have. We cannot drink it but there is a natural artesian well the flows by a country highway nearby that is drinkable. Many local people said they have drank it and never had a problem. To be sure, we bought a cheap water test kit and sure enough everything looked good and that is what we have been drinking. The point well provides all of our water for staying clean. 

As far as new music creation, I am still figuring out where to record. So much has been going on that I haven’t been able to sit down and record anything new for a while. I hope to get to that this month and into August. 

Right now we have set aside the attic as my office. It will work for recording when everyone is asleep or gone. There is only plywood for the floor and I may soon put in a floor – hopefully one that is more soundproof as right now everything downstairs is clearly heard. I will also need to get trim. It just doesn’t seem like a home with the rough floor at the moment.

I am also going to try out recording in our tiny camper. That way I could travel to a quiet state park and record in the camper.

My next email/blog post may not be until September 1st. I’d like to get back to posting on the first of the month. But you can check YouTube every now and then for new videos of our homestead or new music in the meantime. 

God bless you all and thanks for your continued support. I really think good things are to come with my music and YouTube channel now that we are settling in. It is going to take some time and figuring out. And a decent amount of time is going to be put into getting the house ready for winter. We are also going to be finishing the bathroom inside, getting and chopping firewood for our wood burning stove. 

Please be patient if I am not able to get new music out as fast as the first half of the year! Making videos of the work we do seems to be a good thing for my YouTube channel to grow. As it grows then hopefully my music will become more known. Please pray for us! Know that we will be praying for you 🙂 

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  1. God, Our Father has been Blessing Your Family in such a Beautiful Way …holding you in His Favor…it is such a Blessing in my life to read about You and Your Lovely Family…keep up the progress on the Cabin..Hugs and Kisses…Auntie Mary and Grandma Rudd xo

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