The Pearl of Great Price

Happy Feast of All Saints!

I have a lot of new content to share with you this month 🙂 We made a big fire! Check out our homesteading vlog of what we did with our burn pile.

I also have two new songs for you this month and a bit of exciting news 🙂 

The first song is very simple. It’s a child’s cry to be with God forever. On the upcoming album, this song will go directly after the song, ‘The Most Holy Eucharist’. 

The next song is an instrumental. I decided to name it ‘Pearl of Great Price’ just to highlight the sometimes forgotten scripture: “Again the kingdom of heaven is like to a merchant seeking good pearls. Who when he had found one pearl of great price, went his way, and sold all that he had, and bought it.” -Matthew 13:45-46

I am trying to challenge myself to get better at my guitar technique. This song was fun to create. 

The exciting news is that I met a music mixing engineer (at the grocery store of all places), and he has volunteered to help me make my music sound better. He has many years of experience and some of the albums he has mixed have sold of 1,000,000 copies! He also was a professor in Madison, WI that taught musical mixing and production classes. I’d like to say that over the past couple of weeks we have become good friends 🙂

Currently, he is working to mix one of my upcoming songs “Shepherds”, as well as helping to upgrade the mixes of the songs “House on Wheels” and “Be My Captain.” It has been a blessing to work with him and I am excited to share with you some of his work in the future.

For those who may not understand what mixing is, I will leave you with a video to check out. You will be able to hear the difference more easily if you are listening on quality headphones or bigger speakers. God bless you! -Jacob

 I was able to create this song and content thanks to my support team. If you are interested in joining or learning more about it:

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