Apple Orchards & I Love You God

Praise the Lord!

The first song that I have for you is called ‘Apple Orchards’. This song is perhaps my most advanced in terms of acoustic guitar playing. It was difficult to record and I had to redo the whole project at one point, even after spending $50 to record cello parts. I had to delete the whole project and redo the guitar so that it had the right timing and style. Then I re-hired the cellist and added some electric guitar!  The good news is that everything came together nicely the second time around!

“Apple Orchards” captures the mercy of God and His goodness to us in the Sacrament of Penance (Confession). You may wonder what Apple Orchards in September has to do with Confession? 

Well… my birthday is in the beginning of October and I always love going to an orchard and pumpkin patch with my family. At that point in the year, the mosquitos are all dead and the leaves have changed into glorious colors. The apples taste so good and you can throw the football around. 

Going to confession is always a relief. We find God patiently waiting, eager to forgive and renew us. Coming out of confession always brings the reassurance of the faithfulness and power of God. 

Not always, but often coming out of confession brings great feelings of joy, similar (for me) to being at an apple orchard with my family.

The second song this month is called “I love You God”. It is a simple and peaceful song. It is childlike. I just wanted to tell God that I love Him. It is a simple reminder to tell God that you love Him. That God is a person too, not just an idea or wishful hope. We can’t see Him or feel Him like we can other people, but we do have strong evidence of His presence through creation and revelation. 

The line, “You hear my cries, You answer my prayers” is powerful for me because God has answered some of my prayers in remarkable ways, some so clearly that had I been an atheist I would have immediately believed. 

This month we also traveled to Nebraska. I did a concert at St. Margaret Mary’s in Omaha and North American Martyrs in Lincoln. They are both beautiful churches with a strong Catholic community. The concerts went well! I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 

On the way to Nebraska, we were able to stay with our friends in Dubuque. We did a house concert there and we were able to go 4-Wheeling with them!

I was able to create and produce these songs thanks to my support team! If you are not a member and interested to learn more please visit:

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  1. Both songs, very nice.
    Love to see that you expanded your tone to compliment your songs and style……. well done brother.

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