Sons & Daughters and Wherever I Go

Happy Easter! He has risen! 

I pray that the joy of the Lord may be with you and your family. 

I am looking forward to three upcoming concerts this month. One is a house concert in Dubuque, IA and two are parish concerts in Nebraska (Omaha and Lincoln). 

This first new song I have for this month is called ‘Sons & Daughters’. It is my first song I have ever recorded using a ukulele. The song invites us to remember God the Father is in control. He has been faithful in the past to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. He will be faithful to us if we obey Him and let Him lead us. We are his sons and daughters. Let us shake off our slavery to the world, the devil, and the flesh. May the Father give us the peace that surpasses all understanding.

The second song is called ‘Wherever I Go’. I enjoy playing this song last at a lot of my concerts. It covers a lot of ground trying to combine the beauty of God’s creation with God Himself – and our response to follow and rely upon Him. I guess I will just let the song speak for itself. It is too hard for me to describe 🙂

As a family, we are excited for the change in the weather. I hope that you all have a lot of time to enjoy being outside this spring!

I was able to create and produce these songs thanks to my support team! If you are not a member and interested to learn more please visit:

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  1. Happy Easter to you and your precious family. We continue to pray for all of you!
    Paul and Marilyn deMahy

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