Be My Captain & Through the Desert

Like last month, I have two new original songs to share with you! Both of these songs are great to listen to during the season of lent. 

The first song is called ‘Be My Captain’. It is unique for me in that the main instrument anchoring the track is the piano- not the acoustic guitar. The song developed over time and took me awhile to put altogether since I am not used to writing songs from the piano. 

I made the song about being on a ship to connect the passing of time with following God through the calm and storms of life. I tried to make the song feel like you were out at sea and had the help of a friend to emphasize that even more by adding the slide guitar.  

 I hope you can take some time to pray and relax as you listen to this song. I hope that it helps you remember that God is the Captain of our lives, hearts, and souls. 

The second song is called ‘Through the Desert’. This song is driven by the acoustic guitar, which is what I typically do for my music. It also has a simple drum beat, bass guitar, and an electric guitar that adds a little more to make it sound like we are in the desert. 

Jesus went into the desert for 40 days. He was tempted by Satan. He detached himself from the comforts of earth. Despite all of this, He knew that the Father was with Him. We go ‘through the desert’ when we unite ourselves to Christ through our prayer, penance and fasting. We can also be like Christ when we remain faithful despite experiencing things outside of our control such as desolation and the various misfortunes of life.

So let us take all of those involuntary sufferings and voluntary sacrifices and offer them up as a powerful spiritual weapons to bring more souls to Jesus.

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4 thoughts on “Be My Captain & Through the Desert”

  1. I really like both of these songs.
    I like how you stir emotions with your lyrics and arrangements and
    Always the Mssg.of hope + love.

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