Hello 2023

Happy 2023! 

Here is an update on what has been happening in my life and music! Life has been good to us and we have a lot to be grateful for entering into the new year!

Baby Frederic Thomas Rudd has arrived. God has blessed us with a healthy and cute baby!

It was the first time we have had a baby delivered at home. It was a great experience! Frederic was born on my dad’s birthday, November 4th! He was born around 6AM. 

It was a great joy to have Blaise, Ksenia, and Fabian wake up to a new baby. They have been very caring and helpful around him! 

Thank you God for baby Frederic! He is named after Venerable Frederic Baraga. He is basically the patron saint of the upper peninsula of Michigan. You can learn more about him at: 

Bishop Frederic Baraga

Blaise and I went to Ave Maria, Florida for a few days just before Christmas to visit my sister and her family. It was Blaise’s first time flying since he was really little. He did great!

We had a fun time enjoying the warm weather with family and exploring the small yet beautiful new Catholic town. We were amazed to find many people attending daily Mass at noon. It felt like a Sunday!

I was able to play two different shows. The first was a house concert at a local family’s house. They had a beautiful home and patio! Blaise and I even went back over to their house the next day to play table tennis!

I also played at the Pub of Ave Maria. They were a great crowd. It was unique in that since the town is so Catholic, my testimony and Catholic songs were heartily accepted at a bar. The family that runs the place is very kind. Their son allowed me to borrow his guitar and equipment for both shows I played. This saved me the chore of bringing my guitar on the plane! 

After Christmas, we were able to spend some time with Calena’s mom at an Air BnB. It was a fun time in Montello! We played a lot of board games (including Blaise’s dramatic Catan comeback) and got outside to explore the area.

I was able to finish editing the music video for “The Most Holy Eucharist.” I am excited to share it with you! It features footage of many priests either in Mass or Eucharistic Adoration, as well as beautiful drone footage of the Mountain of Peace in Nicaragua, which was founded by Sydney Pratt. 

This music video has received a lot more views than I usual see in a new release. This is thanks to a beautifully written article by JP Mauro at the Catholic website: Aleteia. Here is an excerpt: 

Catholic musician Jacob Rudd has just released a music video for “The Most Holy Eucharist,” from his 2021 album, While Earth Remains. The song is a wonderful reflection on faith and the nature of the Eucharist, but coupled with the exceptional footage from the new video, it makes for an excellent anthem to keep the National Eucharistic Revival in mind, while showing off the beauty of faith practice

Check out the full article below!


I also forgot to mention that I had an awesome concert in Menasha, WI in early December! It was a fun concert in which I enjoyed sharing a bunch of stories in between songs about how God has worked in my life. 

I can’t wait to do a concert there again! They are renovating the Church. It is truly beautiful! (Check out picture below as first phase was completed)

God bless you all! May Christ surround us with His graces and love in 2023!

I look forward to sharing at least one new original song with you on February! The song I will for sure have completed is called “Jesus is My Savior”. It has guitar, banjo, bass, violin, electric organ, as well as a lot of joy & energy!

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  1. Hi Jacob, congratulations on baby Frederick 🙏
    Y’ALL need to visit Chicago some day .
    Love the new song on The Most Blessed Sacrament.

  2. Thank you for the pictures, great article and the information on venerable Frederick may God continue to bless your young family

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