Life is Short

Summer has arrived! Busy times. This blog is pretty straightforward – an easy quick read. Thanks for your support of my music!

I have a new song entitled “Life is Short”. This song was inspired by our dog Teka after she died this past January before she even turned one. Her death made me think about how short life can be. I wanted to make a song that was universal for people to reflect upon the shortness of their own life.

I was happy to hire someone out to play the accordion for this track. Damiano from Italy did a great job on it! I played the banjo and electronic organ, as well as obviously doing the vocals. For the video, I put together some free stock drone footage to go along with the vibe of the song.

Mosquitoes have come and gone. And then come back again. But not too crazy. Smokey air has come and gone. And then come back again. Rain didn’t come for a long time, then it showed up a little. Last night it poured. That was great because we didn’t get a chance to water our new grass we planted back in late May. 

Two new goat kids have arrived! Our other goat should give birth any day now. They are very cute and happy. Momma Eowyn has been doing awesome taking care of them.

We were blessed to attend the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress in Marquette, MI. It was great to be with many priests, families, and other Catholic faithful to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist. We loved the outdoor procession and the beautiful traditional music during the closing Mass. We were able to get a picture with Bishop Doerfler. 

We have been happy to have family visit us over the past few weeks. We are happy up north on our homestead in the woods. Camp fires and water ski shows have been some of the highlights.

We got some kittens as well. A few days after we got them, they were experiencing some health problems. Through the help of our neighbor, we were able to help them make a full recover. They are healthy and fun to observe.

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