When I began creating this song about five years ago, I didn’t think it would take this long to have a finalized recorded version of it. This new song is called “Afloat”. I am excited for the sound that it developed into as a polished work of art! I am considering to put it as the first song of my almost finished album “Fighting for the Kingdom”! 

There are many things I could say about this song. What I loved about recording it this past month was watching it evolve into something greater than its bones (the acoustic guitar and vocals) I had put together so long ago. I was able through the grace of God to put together an exciting banjo part. I had a musician add a bunch of strings (Violin, Viola, and Cello). I hired a percussionist to add simple percussion that made the song more powerful. Finally, I added some ambient parts using my keyboard that can be heard toward the end of the song to give it some more feeling. 

This song is important to me to remember that in the midst of any challenge spiritually, physically, emotionally, or financially I need only to keep my focus on Christ. He will help us through it! 

Life at Honey Bear Homestead (our unofficial name of our home) has been fun and challenging. The mosquitoes have sure been prevalant over the past week or so. Since we have goats that eat the grass, as well as little children that roll around in it often, we decided to try to control the mosquitoes through a more organic approach. We are still figuring things out. One local neighbor who has lived here his whole life has said he has never seen them this bad. Despite this challenge, our morale is still high at Honey Bear Homestead. We have been able to get outside especially in the middle of the day to enjoy the outdoors without being pestered too bad. 

My dad used to interview us in the home videos that he made on his giant camera. I guess I am more like him than I thought! In the video below you will see a bit of our homestead and family.

We have spent a little more time inside than we had imagined during the mosquito epidemic. Good thing we have some really fun board games! 

Rhino Hero and Junk Art are fun games that are more hand eye coordination than thinking. Here are some pictures of the fun and way too much slow-motion action for you to check out! God bless you all!

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