April was Kingly

April seemed to both fly by and linger forever. The weather sure made it seem slow at times. On April 1st, we were pelted with over 15 inches of snow! Besides that, a lot has been going on in our lives!

I am so proud of my son Blaise for playing the little piano part in my newest song! He also helped me do the video recording. Check out the video and you will see everything behind the sound!

Blaise has been playing the piano quite regularly using an online program called Yousician. It is fun to see him play different songs both fun and religious! It reminds me of myself, as piano was my first instrument growing up. I started right around the same age as him (7 or 8). 

He celebrated his birthday and turned 8. He also got his first communion. It was a beautiful moment for him. He was able to receive his first communion from Fr. Quinn, who celebrated our wedding Mass. 

It was surely a busy weekend for our family. The day before his first communion, we celebrated the birthdays of my kids, Blaise and Ksenia, along with their cousin Michael who turned one!

Ksenia got a new pink bike, which she really loves!

Last month, I mentioned that we have a new mini australian shepherd named Bosco. Well… we now have a female australian shepherd named Lupe (as in Guadalupe). She is a great dog for our both Bosco and our family! 

What else have we been doing? HOMESTEADING! 

Over the past couple months, we have acquired chickens, two goats, and two rabbits. 

We have been gathering free pallets from local stores and have put them to good use. We have made a big chicken coup, a goat shed, new rabbit hutches, and a fence all with free pallets!

At the end of April, I traveled south to do a concert in Antigo with Luke Spehar. Throughout the concert, we both stayed on stage alternating playing 2-3 songs back and forth. We both shared our testimonies and vocation stories. We have a lot in common in that we both have four kids, create Catholic music, and attended seminary. The event was organized very nicely by faithful Catholics in Antigo. Luke did a great job. A Catholic family in Antigo hosted us for the night and had some very meaningful conversations during our stay. 

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