The Devil’s House & Love One Another

“Who is it that overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” -1 John 5:5

We recently returned from a long road trip in which our major stops were Oshkosh, WI., Omaha, NE., and Colorado Springs, CO. 

We have now been enjoying our time together as a family back up north. On my days off, we have been swimming, kayaking, hiking, playing sports and board games.

I have also worked hard to produce two new songs.

The first song is called “The Devil’s House.” This song has been one that I have been meaning to record for a long time, but a little nervous to not mess it up. It’s more “bluesy” than any other song I have made. I am glad that I took my time in producing it. I ended up hiring professional session musicians on the banjo and bass (same guy),  lap steel guitar, and on the drums. I am pleased with the result.

The second song is called “Love One Another.” I also sought help from session musicians, this time on the harmonica and violin. I have found that using the website FIVERR can be very rewarding to find talented musicians throughout the world. 

The music video mostly shows footage of us in Marquette, MI., as well as some in Colorado Springs at the end. In the middle of the song, we visit St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette where the remains of Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga lie. We have decided to name our son Frederic in honor of this holy man, who soon may be declared a Blessed and Saint. You can learn more about him here:

Inside St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, MI. It’s about a two hour drive from our home.

The views from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain just six miles north of Marquette.

In Colorado Springs, we stayed at Bear Trap Ranch. The retreat was for high schoolers from Sioux Falls, SD. Unfortunately, I got pretty sick, especially in my throat. I was unable to sing for most of the retreat! Towards the end of the week, I was able to sing again. 

The last night, I did a long concert for all the students. I played some mainstream praise and worship songs along with a bunch of originals. I shared my testimony of why I am Catholic. Calena and I helped tell the story of how we met. Our kids all behaved great during it, one even falling asleep. (Ksenia). 

Despite me being sick, Calena and the kids had a great experience. The high schoolers and Blaise spent a lot of time playing volleyball and hanging out. They were good kids and very fun around Blaise. The log cabin we stayed in was cozy. Our kids were also able to play on the playground. The elevation level was crazy as we were over 9,000 feet. The road to get up there was 9 miles long but climbed over 4,000 feet. It took about 40 minutes to go 9 miles. There were beautiful hiking trails surrounding the property. I hope at some point I can return but this time in good health!

Jesus, we thank you for all the blessings of our lives. Please help us to live a life of gratitude and humble service. Help us to spend time with You and be transformed by Your grace. Take away the lies and despair in our hearts… fill us with Your truth and Your love. Amen

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